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Cherry wasn’t a very smart girl, but what she lacked in brains she made up for in technique. This hottie must have sucked a lot of dick because she managed two of them at the same time without any trouble!
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Kayla was a lot of fun! This wild hottie really got off on the idea of being fucked in our big yellow bus, and I got off looking at her naked body with her pretty pink dress all bunched up around her waist and a cock shoved up her twat!
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Heidi wasn’t an exceptionally pretty girl, which might be why she was willing to go the extra mile in order to please us! Check out her very first threesome now!
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Kat is a cute little asian beauty who claims to love big thick cock, but her cunt was so fucking tight I’m not sure that she even know what a big cock looked like before she got plowed in the Smut Bus!
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These girls think this ride is actually going to be free, guess again honey!
Holly wasn’t looking to get laid at all, unfortunately for her she was without a ride and desperate to find one! We offered her a lift, but of course she’d have to earn it! Watch the group sex action inside!
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