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This sweet brunette had legs that just wouldn’t stop, so we knew we had to offer her a ride, little did she know exactly what kind of ride she was in for! Things really started to heat up when we discovered that this nasty little ho was totally into a threesome!
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It’s not everyday that you find a sweet little asian hottie trying to hitch a ride, so I knew the minute I saw this innocent looking angel that I was going to have to give her a few cock riding lessons in the back seat of the smut bus!
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Katin and her best friend were a little nervous when we first picked them up, but after a few minutes in the back they were wet and ready for a little threesome action! These two sluts can fuck like wildcats, you don’t want to miss it!
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We picked Leighann up on her college campus and offered her a ride home, but luckily for us this naughty party girl was into a whole lot more then that! I swear I’ve never met a girl who loved sex this much, and her enthusiasm was contagious!
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Victoria looked like a classy girl so you can imagine our surprise when SHE propositioned US. Do we look stupid? Of course we said yes! To feel her vice like lips wrapped around my cock and her tight pussy milking my dick I’d have said anything!
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